We believe in the power of communication to fundamentally change your organisation for the better.

But communication is a loaded term. Innumerable channels of information beg for your input: Sign up. Login. Give us your information – we’ll get it to the people who matter. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Snapchat, Instagram, Slack, LinkedIn, Medium… Where do you begin, and why are so many services shouting at you? You’ve got a website, isn’t that enough?

Social media isn’t a phase. It isn’t going away… But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our speciality is stripping away the confusion of the modern media landscape, helping you to find your voice and keep it on message.

We work with individuals, companies and non-profit agencies, crafting authentic strategies to measure and improve communication at all levels. Whether you’re a start-up still coming to terms with company culture, or have a message that needs to reach a wider audience, we can help.

We offer assistance on three key fronts:

  1. We can work with your staff, contractors and external stakeholders to develop, initiate and hand over an adaptive communications strategy.
  2. We can deliver specific communication input via seminars and training sessions.
  3. We can manage and deliver communication projects and resources for your organisation.

What is an adaptive communications strategy?

That list of social media services above? It will look vastly different in three years’ time. Communications no longer means establishing a single media relationship and churning out sanitised press releases. It is increasingly about engaging with an evolving virtual space, forming and maintaining many unique relationships across a suite of services. Daunting? It doesn’t have to be.

We’ll be publishing a series of articles, showing you how to develop an authentic and sustainable social presence. While an external review is often the best way to drive change, there’s nothing stopping you from rolling up your sleeves and improving your communication in simple, meaningful ways.

The first article is a precursor to forming your strategy: finding your voice.

We have also refined our services relating to search visibility, based on client needs and feedback, and these now form a core offering to help you get seen online on your own terms. 


What does it cost?

We work to keep our overheads low and costs down for our clients, many of whom are in the not-for-profit sector.

Our base rate for shorter/one-off jobs is currently $100 + GST per hour, or $60 + GST per partial hour (up to 30 minutes).

We provide an obligation-free initial consultation, which includes general recommendations and allows us to deliver a fixed-price quotation for your project.