Novel Coronavirus Update

Aotearoa is currently at Alert Level 3 for Covid-19, and moving to Level 4 over the next day. This means a shutdown of non-essential businesses and a continuation and tightening of the physical distancing protocols we have been observing in recent weeks.

Internet access is designated one of the essential services people need to remain informed and in social contact during this time, and while our in-person business arm will be closed, we will be available to provide remote support and phone assistance to anyone struggling to stay connected during this time.

We would recommend that retail and for-profit clients in non-essential sectors using paid search services suspend these at this time to reduce overheads. In addition, those using PPC to accumulate data are going to see misleading results in the coming weeks and months.

Useful apps for staying connected during this time include Zoom, Duo, Meet, FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp.

There are reports of phishing scams during this crisis. These target vulnerable sectors of the population, especially those who might be motivated by threatening or apparently urgent messages from banks, government departments, or law enforcement. Please do not click on unexpected email links, and do not enter private data unless you are 100% certain of the provenance.

Official updates from the NZ Government can be found at

Kia kaha people, stay safe.

Photo by Alexander Igrevsky from Pexels