New range of search services

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For the past twelve years, we’ve been assisting our clients with search visibility as an integral part of our web development and strategic services. As off-the-shelf and cloud-based platforms have continued to improve, search optimisation and marketing (SEO and SEM) remain important considerations. In fact, as platforms become more standardised and accessible, technological factors diminish in importance and the search landscape becomes more competitive.

As we’ve stepped back from active web development, we’ve discovered a growing demand for help with search visibility, which we’re more than happy to provide.

You can read about our full process and peer behind the acronyms here, but for those who already know what they need our general services follow:

  • Website, copy and social media audits, from $700 + GST
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), using a customer-centric approach that applies white-hat principles to making sure your site accurately and fully represents your organisation and delivers value to your clients. Hourly or project rates apply.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) using Google Ads (formerly AdWords) to extend your reach and generate more motivated leads. Hourly or project rates apply.
  • Full search overhaul: Our full search service examines your objectives, processes, customer demographics and marketing channels before working with you on short, medium, and long-term improvements for your search visibility and content quality. From $2,400 + GST

We are happy to offer an obligation-free initial consultation, which includes general recommendations and allows us to deliver a fixed-price quotation for the project.

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